Do hydrangeas do well in pots?

Hydrangeas grown in the ground or in containers require 3 basic things; well-drained soil, the proper amount of sunlight and lots of moisture. Growing hydrangeas in pots is a great option for people who are limited in space, or would like to create a beautiful new look in their garden.

Do I need to cover my hydrangeas for winter? Keep Them Cozy. Whether or not hydrangeas need protection depends on how cold the winter temperatures drop. If the air temperature doesn't go below 0 degrees (zone 7) there is no need for winter protection. In colder climates, wrap or completely cover marginally hardy hydrangeas.

Should I water my potted hydrangea every day?

Potted hydrangeas in full sun will need watering every day in the summer. Hydrangeas that receive shade in the afternoon will naturally be able to retain more water and will only need watering 3 times per week in summer. Hydrangeas that are in partial shade or dappled light may only need watering 2 times per week. Should I use Miracle Grow on hydrangeas? Our top pick is the Miracle-Gro plant food, as it works effectively to improve bloom production for hydrangeas even if the soil conditions aren't acidic. For the best option to help increase the soil's acidity, consider the Espoma soil acidifier.

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Do you cut the heads off hydrangeas in winter?

For most Hydrangeas, late Winter & Early Spring is the best time to prune and remove their old seed heads. This is because the faded flowers add winter interest and offer frost protection to the shrub.